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FluoroFinder® guides you through 3 simple steps to automate the process of building a successful flow cytometry panel. Build a panel using flow cytometers, fluorochromes, and antibodies from multiple manufacturers and customize them to suit your needs. Guidance on each step minimizes spectrum overlap from similar fluorochromes allowing you to focus on finding the right products. Build a better panel fast... FluoroFind It!

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Choose from machines that are pre-configured to match manufacturer and personal settings. Search for products that work together and know instantly if they are available. FluoroFinder® presents the best options for your cytometer and experiment to save time, every time.

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  • Saves a day's work!
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  • Quickly find available products that fit your machine AND work together.
  • Flexible for beginner through expert users.
  • Designed for the experiment life cycle.